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Childcare in Charlotte, NC

 Looking for a licensed child care facility in Charlotte, NC that is both  affordable and high quality? Need Drop Off Service for infants and  children, Sunsetwood Academy is the center for your kids.

 Sunsetwood Academy is a licensed facility that offers your child the best in personalized and  high quality childcare. The warm home- like environment creates a safe, friendly learning  atmosphere for infants and children.

Drop Off Service Available.
The Academy offers a variety of activities essential to your child’s cognitive and physical development as well as a structured curriculum including reading readiness, letters, numbers, science and story time. Multicultural activities are included to reflect the diverse community of Charlotte. The childcare center offers all day care and before and after school programs . Drop off service is also available. The relaxed summer program includes expanded outdoor activities.
Sunsetwood has an open door policy where parents can view their child and the childcare staff at anytime. The Academy also offers state-of-the art video surveillance to ensure the safety of each and every child.
Our affordable rates reflect our commitment to providing the highest quality childcare and the most professional staff so that we not only meet but exceed your standards as parents. Our goals as a center include: not only providing a low teacher-child ratio, but also a low turnover rate for staff. We strive to provide a clean, comfortable environment where each child can experience individualized care and learning.


We seek to build a partnership with parents to encourage the best in developmentally appropriate education and care for the children we have been entrusted with.
Please check out our parent handbook online which outlines our mission and goals in depth, some basics of child development, our childcare policies and procedures, and other valuable information.
Sunsetwood Academy is located at 1304 Eastway Dr, Charlotte, NC 28205.

You can contact us at 704-537-8740 (phone) or 704-537-8784 (fax).


Includes breakfast, lunch and snacks. Tuition payments are due by Monday for that week. Payment may be made by check or money order payable to Sunsetwood Academy Inc. A $35.00 returned check fee would be required for each returned check. Payment should only be given to the Director or Assistant Director. There will be a $5.00 per day late fee applied to the payment if not receive by 6:00 pm on Monday.

Registration Fee:

A registration fee of $40.00 is due upon enrollment. Pre-registration fees are non-refundable.

Multi-Child Discount:

A discount of $10.00 will be credited to the tuition of the oldest child for families with more than one child per week.

Insurance and Supply Fee: NONE.

Late Pickup Fee:

Parents are required to call and inform the staff if they are running late to pick up their child. Parent will be charged $5 per each 10 minutes after 6:05pm that your child is not picked up with a maximum of $20 per hour.


Infants & Toddlers $210.00

Two years old $195.00

Three - Five years old $180.00

School Age (Summer Camp) $140.00

Before/After School $140.00

Transportation $30.00

Drop in Rate:

School Holidays, Closing, and Teacher Work Days.

If a child is already enrolled in our before and after school program and want to come in on a holiday for a full day, that child will pay $15.00 per day.

Children who are not registered at Sunsetwood Academy Inc. could be drop at the center for $12.00 per hr with a minimum of 4 hours.                


After six months of enrollment, vacation may be taken at 50% discount of the regular tuition rate when your child does not attend any day during the vacation week. Parent must provide Sunsetwood Academy Inc. with evidence of vacation to receive 50% discount, otherwise tuition may be considered incorrect and late fees could apply.


Parent Handbook 


Our Mission is to provide the highest quality childcare and a safe healthy learning environment for each child you place in our care. We have created an environment through the view of a child’s eye that is educational, fun and safe. We will have a partnership with parents to provide a sound loving tender care, that stimulate educational and cultural development for each child in a safe positive environment, which will exceed our customers expectations.


Our Goals are:

(1) To create an educational service based operation whose primary goal is to exceed customer’s expectations, where Cultural, Social and Western Education go hand in hand.

(2) To encourage children to form a solid foundation for development and learning appropriate curriculum.

(3) To provide a clean, safe, pleasant and comfortable environment for each child.

(4) To provide an individualized program to meet the needs of each individual child.

(5) To provide an environment where there is a low turnover rate for teachers and high standards are in place for the education and experience of our teachers.

(6) To provide a teacher/student ratio that is adequate to the state requirements so that individual instruction can occur each day for each child.

(7) To provide parents with information that will help them build positive relationship with their children.

(8) We strive to ensure that each of our children takes advantage of these windows of opportunity for optimum development.


The door is always open to parents to participate in classroom events and activities such as Graduation Cap and gown pictures for our graduating Kindergarteners. Graduation dinner, Holiday luncheon, Field trips, Special visitors such as Santa, Easter bunny, Firemen, Police officers etc. Sunsetwood Academy will provide quarterly parent newsletter and periodic conferences for children. We need your feedback. If you have concerns, problems, comment or praise about the program, feel free to let us know. This will help us to provide better care for all the children. We will provide daily reports for infant, toddler and preschool children describing your child’s day, including meal times, nap times and other important classroom activities and announcements. Parents will enjoy this form of communication from our staff. Another way for parents to stay in touch with their child is by taking part in child/parent day at school. 

Throughout the year, each teacher will invite parents to spend time in the classroom while the children “show off” what they have accomplished at school. Parents will also enjoy the school’s annual fall and spring festivals, international fashion shows, African cultural dance and family meals. The entire staff at Sunsetwood Academy is here, to provide the warmth and caring environment to the children. We the staff understand that young children need lots of care and attention to develop security in their surroundings, which helps them to develop self-confidence.


Our teachers are chosen because they posses a positive attitude, think creatively and most importantly are knowledgeable and sensitive to the needs of young children. Our teachers are selected carefully, because they meet the minimum requirement and are required to continue their education to at least a two-year degree and required to obtain their Early Childhood Credential. We have a lower teacher/student ratio that required by the State. Each child receives one on one care in our center. References are checked, including past employment and each application undergoes a physical examination and criminal background check. Administrator minimum qualification is Bachelors Degree and level 1 administrator credential. Our lead teacher, GED and level 1 and 2 credentials. Assistant teacher GED and Early Childhood credentials. Other staff members must have their GED and valid drivers license.

Customer Complaints and Management Investigation Information

Maintaining superior quality in child development means responding to claims of poor performance. Every complaint is an opportunity to improve. The Director will investigate every claim made by family members and staff. If for any reason a parent or staff needs further information or complain they should contact Sunsetwood Academy Director at (704) 537-8740 or Division of Childcare Development. PO Box 29553 Raleigh, NC 27626-0553. Phone # 1-800-859-0829.

Specialized Training:

The facility can only be as good as the teachers and assistants. With this in mind, Sunsetwood Academy will provide specialized training that all teachers and assistants will have on a yearly basis, so they will be proficient at teaching the specific programs of Sunsetwood Academy from infants six weeks through five years and also for before and after school programs. We are going to create a culture where the children will know that being smart is a good thing.At Sunsetwood Academy, we focus on providing your family and the children in our care the best in educational opportunities. We strive to manage each classroom according to the highest standards set forth by the National Association for the Education of young children. We encourage individual thinking and support social and emotional growth. We also understand that early care and education is a family effort, we encourage involvement from every family. When parents and teachers understand the immediate development and educational needs and work hands in hand, children becomes more successful and more eager to learn.


Meeting new friends and interacting with them during play or activity time is very important to young children. Our emphasis will be based on sharing, helping others and taking turns that will provide basis for warm, happy relationships among children. The Creative Curriculum used by Sunsetwood Academy emphasizes a literacy rich learning environment that allows opportunities for socialization.

Emotional Development:

We believe that young children develop life long personality and behavioral patterns, which are establish during the critical early years of their life. We also believe children learn best in a loving environment, that is why our philosophy is to treat children with love, dignity and lots of hugs. We build a loving environment first then teach. Once a loving and comfortable bond between teachers and children are created, the children feels accepted, confident and ready to interact with each other and also ready to learn. Children are born with the ability to learn and be successful in life, if proper teaching is presented to them at the early stage.

Physical Development:

We want every child to be physically fit and healthy. Physical fitness in the form of exercising and dancing will be one of the main emphasize at Sunsetwood Academy. We will use a wide variety of recreational equipments, which make staying fit, safe and fun for your child. According to the National Record some children are already obese before they graduate from Pre-school. Sunsetwood Academy is committed to fight obesity in our center. This will help our children to be more physically fit.


Our classrooms are designed with state of the art equipments with children in mind. Classrooms are equipped with rest rooms as well as hands washing sinks for optimal convenience.


Sunsetwood Academy will provide educational enrichment programs for our children. We will provide affirmative action programs that teach parents what their children should know in various stages, so that these parents can evaluate how well there childcare center is educating their children. We will educate our young children on childhood obesity. We must refocus on the education of our children, making sure they get every possible opportunity to learn.


A child’s brain will grow and develop more in the first year of life. At this stage infants should be provided with structured opportunities for communication, social and physical development, awareness of environment and a feeling of security. At this stage children will lift heads, see objects and follow motions. Parents must provide information to the center if there is a schedule you wish your baby to follow regarding feeding and nap-time. Parents/guardian are responsible for providing formula, already make in baby’s bottle with labeled with the child’s name and date, two changes of clothing to be kept in the center, and a week’s supply of diapers. The center will provide wipes, bedding and play equipment.


At this stage children continue to participate in a structures daily curriculum that focuses on their specific developmental needs. Children learn different routine such as mealtime, hand washing and toileting at this age. This provides wonderful learning opportunities to the children. Children developmental needs of wanting to “do it myself”. At this age children must be able to walk, eat table food, drink from cup, and sleep outside of a crib.

Preschool: (2 to 3 years)

As the days go by your child becomes more independent. Sunsetwood Academy curriculum encourages and promotes independence through different group levels. Your child will experience hours of fun and learning in the designated areas such as blocks and building design, dramatic play, library and literatures, math, music, sand and water play. Out door is very important for children, both mentally and physically. Children will learn about teamwork, playing, sharing and interacting with other children on our age appropriate play ground.

Pre-K (3 to 5 years)

This stage of development finds children becoming ready for more formalized educational opportunities. 
Creative curriculum will be centered on Social-Emotional Development. Children will be taught hands on activities, taking responsibility for their actions. Children will be taught math, science, prewriting/writing activities, computer skills, art and music. A lesson plan will be posted in each child classroom. This plan will show what lesson the children will be doing daily/weekly.

School Age Children: (Before and after school)

Once homework is completed, children can choose from many activities included educational video games, crafts, art work, soccer, basketball and African dance/physically activities to fight child obesity. An interesting theme-based curriculum is provided for holidays and extended seasonal breaks from schools. All of these activities extend learning as well as foster teamwork. A safe, clean and welcoming place for school age children and peace of mind awaits your children and their families.


We have a structured curriculum, which includes activities that will focus on providing the skills necessary to prepare your child/children for successful entrance into Elementary school. Cultural and moral values will be part of the main aspects of Sunsetwood Academy curriculum. In our society today, most people are neglecting the moral and cultural values, which inspires and motivate children from a tender age. Each classrooms is equipped with curriculum that is theme-based and covers all areas of learning to include: artistic creations, blocks and building design, dramatic play, library and literature, math and table activities, music and movements, arts and science, sand and water, writing exploration, outdoor fun, (including rainy day activities).

Outdoor Play Areas:

It is very important for children to run and play and Sunsetwood Academy is aware of the benefits, both mentally and physically. Our outdoor play areas will be used for running, dancing, sliding and organized group games. Safety is the number one rule, both inside and on the playground. Each staff member will be train in playground supervision, first aid and CPR.

Open Door Policy:

Parents/Guardian are always welcome to visit at any time and are encouraged to volunteer and participate in classroom events.


Admission Procedures: 
When you have made a decision to enroll your child at Sunsetwood Academy Inc. :

(1) Parent should complete all necessary admission forms for enrollment.

(2) Submit your child’s physical exam report form, completed by a physician. The form should state that the child is able to participate in all physical activities at Sunsetwood Academy Inc. and has met all immunization requirements.

(3) The parent and the child may visit Sunsetwood Academy together for a few hours for facility tour. 
Hours of Operation: 
Sunsetwood Academy offers a quality and affordable childcare facility for infant’s age six weeks to five year. We also provide before and after school program for children 5 to 12years. Operates from 6:30am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday. 


Sunsetwood Academy provides USDA approved breakfast, lunch and snack. Breakfast is served between 7:30 and 9: 00am, lunch between 11: 30am and 12:00, snack at 2:45 to 3:30pm. Since all meals will be prepared on our premises in our full service kitchen, children should not bring food from home, except children enrolled in our infant program. Parent should notify the director if a child has allergy or milk intolerance. Weekly menus will be posted in each classroom.

Birthday Parties:

Birthday parties will be schedule after 3: 00pm. Sunsetwood Academy will not provide any items for parties, but will be happy to assist and facilitate the party if parent are unable to attend. Food for birthday parties should be store bought, no home made food will be allowed.



A two weeks notice is required if you want to withdraw your child from the center. If you withdraw your child for any reason without two weeks notice, you will be responsible for two weeks payment. No portion of your payment will be refunded in the event of absence, withdrawal or dismissal from Sunsetwood Academy. Prepaid tuition is non-refundable. Reasons for dismissal of your child may include non-payment of tuition, abuse of policies and abuse of Sunsetwood Academy staff members.

Discipline Policy:

Physical or verbal abuse is never permitted. The strategies that will be used include redirection, positive reinforcement and the occasional use of “time out”.

Entering and Exiting:

In order to insure the safety and well being of all children, staff or parent, must escort children to and from their classroom. Children will not be released to anyone who has not been authorized by the parent or guardian. You must call the director if someone other than yourself or a designated person will be picking up your child. Parent must sign their child/children in and out everyday. Emergency evacuation plans are posted in every classroom. Photo identification will be checked for any designated person picking up a child. If it becomes necessary for us to evacuate the building, we will go across the parking lot up in the hill. The cut off time to bring child/children to the center 9:30am.


Parents need to provide children with a complete change of clothing in their cubbies. Children should dress so they feel comfortable at play. Each piece of clothing should be marked with the child’s name. If your child wears diaper, bring an adequate supply. Check your child’s cubby daily for wet or soiled clothing. Remember to bring an extra change of clothing the following morning.


All information about children, their families and staff members of Sunsetwood Academy Inc. is confidential and will not be shared. Information requires for licensing will be shared only with appropriate licensing officials.


After six months of enrollment, vacation may be taken at 50% discount of the regular tuition rate when your child does not attend any day during the vacation week. Parent must provide Sunsetwood Academy Inc. with evidence of vacation to receive 50% discount, otherwise tuition may be considered incorrect and late fees could apply.

Inclement Weather:

In case of sever weather; Sunsetwood Academy will most likely be close or close earlier based on the same 
guidelines used by the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System. If weather conditions worsen during the day and a decision to close is made, parents will be contacted to pick up their children. We will close only in rare circumstances.



Our policy on Illness and Exclusions of children from Sunsetwood Academy Inc. is based on the policy of North Carolina department of Health and Human Services division of child development regulations. If a child becomes ill during the day, a parent will be notified and required to pick the child up immediately from the center. To prevent the spread of communicable disease the sick child will be separated from other children. The child will not be permitted to return to the center until the disease is no longer contagious and symptom free for 24 hrs. Parent will present a certification from a doctor stating that the child is permitted to return to the center. Sunsetwood Academy reserves the right to request written notification from a physician that the child is well and free from any contagious condition. All children must be able to participate in all activities scheduled during the day. If your child is too sick to participate or to go outside, that means he/she is too sick to be at school. 

You MAY NOT bring a child to the center that: 
· Has a fever of 101 degrees F within the past 24 hours.
· Has diarrhea or vomiting. 
· Has any undiagnosed rash.
· Red or discharging eyes, or profuse colored nasal discharge.
· A communicable disease, scabies, lice, chicken pox, strap, or any other medical concern as deemed appropriate by the director.

If a child gets sick at the center, the sick child will rest on his/her mat in the designated “Sick Area” and proper care and supervision will be provided until parent/guardian arrives.


North Carolina Child Care Licensing has issued new standards regarding administering medications to children in daycare centers. With this in mind Sunsetwood Academy will only follow the North Carolina Child Care licensing standards. Sunsetwood Academy will not administer any type of medicine unless specifically labeled as prescribed with doctor’s name, child’s name and dosage to be given. State licensing regulations require that parents must sign a Medicine Authorization form for each day given. Should a child require medication, we will only administer it in strict accordance with the directions/prescription. All medications must be signed in with the classroom teacher by a parent/guardian and will be kept in a locked cabinet. A medication slip must be filled out and signed off by the teacher each time the medicine is given to the child, showing that they checked the medicine, read the medication permission form, check the name of the child and administer the medication according to the instructions given on the medication permission form. Sunsetwood Academy WILL NOT give medication that was prescribed for another person, expired or when parent request to administer the medicine in a higher dosage or greater frequency than what is recommend by the physician. When the parent did not complete a medicine permission form. By law Sunsetwood Academy can refuse to administer any medication to any child at any time for any reasons. The director will give a written statement explaining the reasons not to administer medication.

Medical Emergency:

In any event that a serous medical emergency care is needed, Sunsetwood Academy will call 911. Parents assume full financial responsibility for all emergency medical attention.



North Carolina State Licensing Laws governing Child Care requires that a complete physical examination form be on file for every child enrolled at Sunsetwood Academy. Form must be completed before any child start school. Children immunization is very important for every child and the health of other children and staff. By law, children enrolled must have documentations of current immunizations and a complete physical from their physician. Date of additional immunizations need to be added to our file.


We will not allow any toys to be brought to the center. A child may bring an item from home for show and tell day only. This should be coordinated with the teacher. Materials and toys are available at the center to be used by all children. Sunsetwood Academy will not be responsible for lost, damage or stolen items. Additional food or drink, candy, money, chewing gum, valuable items or any item that might be dangerous to a child if handled improperly is not allowed in the center.


We respect North Carolina’s laws, which require our staff to report any suspected cases of child abuse and neglect. Abuse according to North Carolina laws is when a parent or caregiver put a child at risk of serous injury. North Carolina laws also stated that neglect occurs when a child does not receive proper care, supervision and abandoned. At Sunsetwood Academy we understand and abide by the North Carolina law requiring any person at our center who suspects child abuse to report the case to the department of Social Services. All staff will be involved in child abuse/neglect training in a regular basis and new staff will receive this training as part of our orientation training. The director will report any suspected abuse immediately. All parent or staff abuse/neglect concern should be brought to the attention of the Director 


Our staff clean and sanitize the center daily in the bathroom, kitchen and classroom areas. Carpets are clean professionally every two months as well as wall and windows.


When the parents determined that a child is ready to begin using the toilet, Sunsetwood Academy staff will assist your child in toilet training.


6:30 - 8:30 Arrival, free choice activities.
8:30 - 9: 00 Breakfast
9:00 - 9:15 Wash up, toileting
9:15 - 11:00 Morning activities: games, painting, coloring, 
puzzles, songs, stories. Group activities, learning 
centers, outdoor play.
11:00 -11:30 Quiet time preparing for lunch, wash hands and 
11:30-12:15 Lunch Time
12:15-12:30 Toileting, prepare for naptime.
12:30- 2:45 Naptime time 
2:45 - 3:15 Toileting, Snack time
3:15 - 5:30 M-TH Group activities: free play, outdoor activities.
4:00 - 5:30 F African Cultural Dance.
5:30 - 6:00 Preparing to go home, clean up and quiet time.

New Year’s Day
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday
Memorial Day
July 4th Independence Day.
Labor Day
Thanksgiving day and Friday after
Christmas Day and day after


Sunsetwood Academy will provide transportation on a daily basis to and from public school and homes in the area arranged by parents. The center transportation vehicles are insured by liability, as required by State Law. Persons who drive the vehicles holds a valid driver’s license. The drivers and children in the vehicles are covered by Sunsetwood Academy insurance. In the event of an accident, the center director and parents will be notified immediately. Children transport from home, school or field trip must be in a seat and restrained by a safety belt at all times. Children riding in a Sunsetwood Academy vehicle shall never be left unattended by an adult. Parents are provided with information concerning field trips, such as where when and purpose. Trips are normally taken in the center van. Permission Slips for a child to take a field trip are normally given to the parent. Parent are encouraged to participate and take a field trips with their children.

Video Surveillance Camera

Sunsetwood Academy wants parents to feel secure regarding the care of their children. Parents have the pleasure to stop by at any time and view their children and teacher in the classrooms and playgrounds on our high tech video surveillance camera.


Directions to Sunsetwood Academy
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